Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes: What’s the Difference?

December 15, 2023 | Assisted Living
assisted living vs nursing homes

When it comes to senior living, many myths and misconceptions tend to dissuade people from deciding to transition into a community, even when it might be the best decision for themselves or their families. This is especially true for assisted living communities, which are often mistaken for nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities. 

However, it’s important to understand that while both offer support and assistance, they differ significantly regarding the care they provide and the individuals they serve. 

So, when it comes to assisted living vs. nursing homes, what’s the main difference between the two, and how can you know which option is right for a loved one’s well-being?

Astral at Franklin is a senior living community in Franklin, Indiana, that wants to ensure each individual can make the right decision for their future or their family. As a result, our team is sharing information to help you understand the difference between assisted living vs. nursing homes. 

Assisted Living

Many older adults decide to move into an independent living community after retirement so they can enjoy an active lifestyle and plenty of social engagement that promotes happiness and fulfillment. While this is a great option for active retirees, some older adults may need additional support in their daily lives in order to maintain their independence. 

Assisted living communities provide the same maintenance-free lifestyle and conveniences as independent living but also provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), so residents have more time to focus on their independence. Individuals who decide to age in place at home would not have the same access to these opportunities, and if your loved one is no longer able to live safely on their own, assisted living might be the best option. 

Nursing Homes

Assisted living provides the helping hand and support that many older adults require to live safe and healthy lives, whether receiving help with personal care, medication management or dressing. On the other hand, nursing homes offer a higher level of care for those who need more medically-focused assistance.

Nursing homes provide care that can only be performed by nurses and licensed professionals. Older adults who need this type of long-term care have severe physical or cognitive health conditions that require 24-hour nursing care. If your loved one is living with health conditions, including cognitive decline, chronic disease or a major health event like a stroke, a nursing home can provide the appropriate level of care and support.

Those who require the care provided in a nursing home typically need 24-hour monitoring rather than a helping hand to live autonomously, like those who move to assisted living. 

Making the Right Decision

No two aging journeys are the same, and no two older adults will experience the same age-related and health changes. For example, while one individual might develop vision problems and require glasses, another individual might develop cognitive concerns that require extra support

If you or someone you love is looking to maintain their health and independence while receiving assistance with daily tasks, assisted living is the perfect solution, offering maintenance-free living, social opportunities and on-site amenities that allow residents to focus on their wellness and lifestyle. 

This is also a key difference that sets nursing homes apart from assisted living, as assisted living often features apartment-style living that focuses on maintaining independence rather than receiving 24/7 medical support. Assisted living also does not provide the same medical care as nursing homes and typically does not have the same number of licensed nurses on staff. 
At Astral at Franklin, we want all residents to have the opportunity to reach a higher level of well-being, which is why our assisted living community in Franklin, Indiana, offers personalized care with services and amenities that are an invitation to find more purpose in each day.

From the moment you walk into our inviting senior living community, you’ll feel the difference right away and see how we’ve created an environment where life begins again.

Discover senior living in Franklin, Indiana, today by calling us at 463-724-2121 or contacting us online.

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