What Does Person-Centered Care Mean for You or a Loved One?

April 15, 2024 | Caregiving
person-centered care

Whether you’re searching for the meaningful care you deserve or you’re wondering what type of care services you should be seeking for an aging loved one, the concept of person-centered care is not just an extravagant addition—it’s a lifeline. 

Person-centered care ensures that each person’s individuality is acknowledged and cherished and their care is tailored to their unique personality, history and needs. 

Astral at Franklin understands that every resident is a story, a life filled with chapters of triumphs, joys and challenges. That’s why our person-centered care approach in our senior living community in Franklin, Indiana, is designed with a heartfelt commitment to celebrating and supporting those narratives. 

Let’s dive into what person-centered care truly encompasses and how it weaves through every aspect of an individual’s well-being. 

The Essence of Person-Centered Care

Person-centered care revolves around each unique individual; it is holistic and respectful of their personal journey. This kind of care isn’t just about improving physical health; instead, it’s a philosophy that embraces the emotional, psychological and social aspects of well-being. 

In other words, at the heart of this approach is the belief that everyone deserves dignity, autonomy and a voice in their own care plan. 

Understanding Needs and Preferences

Each resident at Astral at Franklin undergoes a meticulous assessment. It’s not about slotting them into a pre-existing care model; it’s about building a model that fits them perfectly. They consider everything—physical health, past professions, personal preferences and even life-long hobbies that can form integral aspects of the care plan. Maybe it’s ensuring there’s a garden for the green-thumbed or a book club for the bibliophile. This individualized approach sets the cornerstone for truly valuing the person in care, not just the care they receive.

Enhancing Autonomy and Independence

A vital pillar of person-centered care is fostering independence. It may start with small choices—what to wear, what to read—but it extends to more significant decisions, such as when to exercise, when to socialize and when to find solitude. 

Residents also play a pivotal role in the community’s functioning, from participating in meal planning to running the weekly chess tournament. This environment allows them to thrive and have a continued sense of purpose and control over their lives.

Building Relationships and Trust

The relationships forged in a person-centered care community between residents and staff members go beyond the clinical setting. It’s about creating a sense of mutual understanding, enjoying shared experiences and knowing the special history and interests of each person within the community. At Astral at Franklin, our community has a hometown feel with plenty of heart. Our team members go above and beyond to foster friendships and connections with residents who are neighborly and sincere. 

Open communication and active listening practiced within person-centered care reassure the residents that staff members aren’t just providing services; they are partners in their journey. This trust is invaluable and helps to create the foundation of any successful care plan.

Promoting Dignity and Respect

Dignity and respect aren’t just empty words at Astral at Franklin—they are concepts actively woven into the care provided. This might mean consulting residents on how they’d like their care administered or emphasizing personal hygiene that maintains a sense of pride. 

Ensuring Emotional Well-Being

Mental and emotional health are just as important as physical well-being, and the person-centered approach doesn’t lose sight of this. It may involve a schedule packed with activities to stave off loneliness or counseling sessions to address the more profound concerns of aging. Each resident has a support system tailored to their needs, ensuring they have the emotional support required to lead fulfilling lives.

At Astral at Franklin, we invite each resident to continue their journey with warmth, respect and an enduring community spirit. Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to understand not just the health needs but also each individual’s passions, preferences and dreams. In our community, we do not just see the years that have passed but the experiences that have shaped our residents, enabling us to provide care that is as unique as they are. You or someone you love will find a safe harbor of care and a vibrant tapestry of activities and programs that reignite old interests and spark new joys every day!

Contact our team today to learn more about the person-centered care we provide in Franklin, Indiana!

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