When is the Right Time to Consider Dementia Care & Support?

April 22, 2022 | Memory Support
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If someone you love is experiencing memory loss or other signs of dementia, it can be challenging to know when to consider dementia care services and a memory support community. After all, some memory loss (such as misplacing keys, occasionally forgetting someone’s name, or mistaking a word in a sentence) is common as we get older. However, more severe memory loss can impact a person’s safety and require professional attention and care.

Astral at Franklin provides compassionate and dedicated memory support to residents and their families, ensuring they receive the help they need through their dementia journey.

Below are some symptoms of dementia and memory loss that may signal it’s time to contact a memory care community for additional help and support.

Sudden Changes in Behavior

One of the most common misconceptions about dementia is that it is limited to memory loss. However, other symptoms may indicate your family member might need dementia care from a memory support community. For example, one symptom is sudden and unexpected changes in behavior.

Dementia is a neurodegenerative disease that causes irreversible changes to different parts of the brain. If it affects the part of the brain that regulates mood and behavior, you may find that your family member exhibits increased hostility, fear, and aggression – they may even become overly affectionate. 

The important thing to consider when you observe these behaviors is whether these changes are uncommon, whether they seemed to come about “out of nowhere,” and whether any underlying issues or situations trigger them.

If you notice sudden behavior changes in your family member, it is a good idea to contact a healthcare provider to discuss the situation, and what steps (if any) should be taken.

A Decline in Physical Health

Dementia can cause a decline in not only cognitive function but also physical health. If you notice that your family member is experiencing rapid or unexpected weight loss, physical ailments, or even signs of depression (withdrawing from people, activities, etc.), it may be time to consider care and support options.

At Astral at Franklin, our team of compassionate care providers ensures residents live each day with health, kindness and purpose. By attending to their essential needs while also finding opportunities to encourage independence and autonomy, we provide loving support to individuals living with dementia as well as their families. As a result, you can rest assured knowing your family member is receiving the highest standard of care and support.

You Are Experiencing Caregiver Burnout

Although most indications around the consideration of memory care involve the person living with dementia, there is another important – and often unmentioned – indicator. Family members and friends who provide ongoing support to a person living with dementia often neglect their own physical and mental health needs. 

Unfortunately, this can lead to health problems for the caregiver, including increased levels of stress and anxiety (leading to an increased risk for stress-related diseases), depression, social isolation and burnout. Providing dementia care is a selfless gift with many rewards, but it should not come before addressing your own needs. After all, your level of care is dependent upon your own health and wellness.

It can be difficult to admit when we need help, but there are excellent resources available when it comes to supporting someone with dementia and memory loss. At Astral at Franklin, our memory care community is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our residents. In addition, we collaborate with families and healthcare providers to ensure the highest level of care for residents. 

If you provide care to a person living with dementia, you are not alone. Reach out to the memory care communities in your area; sometimes, what is best for you and your family member is to rely on professionals for added care and support.

Dementia Care & Memory Support in Franklin, Indiana 

Astral at Franklin is committed to providing purposeful senior living for older adults in Franklin, Indiana, and the surrounding area. With specialized neighborhoods for independent senior living, assisted living and memory care, we offer meaningful experiences and compassionate support every day.

Visit our website to learn more about our dedicated memory support community and how we support individuals and families impacted by dementia and memory loss.

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