4 Tips for Moving to Independent Living in Franklin, IN

December 1, 2023 | Independent Living
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Moving can be incredibly stressful, but when you’re preparing to transition to an independent living community in Franklin, IN, it should be a time to look forward to all the amazing opportunities your future holds!

However, that doesn’t mean you may not be experiencing the same stresses and problems that come along with preparing for the big move. Despite any excitement you might feel about this next chapter, preparations must be made. 

At Astral at Franklin, our independent living community in Franklin, IN, understands this and what’s to help you plan and prepare! We’re sharing some best practices to help ease your transition into independent living.

1. Start Downsizing Early

Downsizing is going through your belongings and determining which items are the most important to your living space, lifestyle and home. It’s also crucial when preparing for your move to independent living, as it can help make sure that you’re ready to start fresh without worrying about excessive clutter. Keep in mind that downsizing can also make unpacking a breeze, and it’s better to do so before your move rather than after to ensure you’ll have less work to do after moving day. 

Start downsizing as early as possible so you have plenty of time to begin the official packing process and schedule any movers or equipment you might need ahead of moving day; this gives you a set date to get everything together. 

Read our blog, 3 Proven Downsizing Tips for Moving into a New Community, to learn more! 

2. Figure out Finances

It’s natural for older adults to feel reluctant or apprehensive about making the move to a senior living community, whether they feel nervous about starting over in a new place or they’re worried about what the future might bring. Many also worry about their finances and how the costs of senior living could impact their personal savings or other assets. 

It’s a good idea to alleviate any monetary worries by calculating your current cost of living or the amount of money you spend maintaining your current home. This can include shopping for groceries, buying cleaning supplies or paying for a cleaning service and any repair costs that might be incurred over time. 

When you factor in the potential need for care in the future, you’ll immediately see how these costs add up over time. Fortunately, your independent living community cost will include many of these expenses, allowing you to create a more confident budget. 

3. Get to Know Your New Community

If you’ve already chosen an independent living community in Franklin, IN, that’s ideal for your lifestyle, preferences and needs, it’s time to start getting to know your future surroundings! This is the most exciting part of preparing for your move, as it allows you to familiarize yourself with any amenities or activities offered and allows you to meet your future neighbors and team members.

Getting to know your new community also means you’ll feel comfortable with your new living space after you officially move in, and it can make the transition much easier. 

4. Acclimate Accordingly 

You must give yourself time to plan and prepare for your move to ensure everything runs smoothly on moving day. However, it’s also vital that you give yourself time to acclimate during your transition. This means after you move in, allow yourself to get used to your new home. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out to team members and fellow residents for support. Everyone has found themselves in a new chapter of life, and it’s okay to ask for help to make this transition easier for you.  
Astral at Franklin invites you to discover an independent living community full of opportunities that can truly enhance your retirement. Contact our team today to get started!

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