3 Proven Downsizing Tips for Moving into a New Community

April 1, 2022 | Senior Living
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Deciding to move into a senior living community is a cause for celebration! Choosing senior living sooner rather than later, gives you the time and freedom to explore your passions, engage in meaningful activities, and connect with friends and peers in your new community.

Whether it is an apartment or a house you have lived in for decades, moving from your previous residence will almost always require you to downsize before you move into your new community. And although that may seem like a daunting task, we have some of the best downsizing tips to make sure your cleaning and decluttering project leaves you feeling happy, healthy, and joyful!

At Astral at Franklin, we provide the highest standard of senior living in Franklin, Indiana, and the surrounding area. When you are ready to move into our beautiful Franklin community, consider these downsizing tips to make your big move easier than you ever expected.

1. Safety First

The most important downsizing tip is a safety one: Whether you are removing items from your own home or are helping a family member consolidate their belongings, you must put safety first. 

For older adults, cleaning and downsizing can pose certain health risks. Fall risks are incredibly common for older adults, leading to hospitalization. If you need to climb onto ladders or step stools to access materials in the closet or high shelves, be sure that you have someone with you to support the ladder. Even better, recruit family to help you.

Similarly, downsizing large items such as furniture and appliances should be completed by a professional moving company or team of professionals. Whenever possible, get help. 

2. Start with One Room

Downsizing your entire residence can become an overwhelming task, if you look at the entirety of the project. That is why one of our favorite downsizing tips is to compartmentalize the move into separate rooms. If you can focus on clearing one room every few days, you will quickly and easily complete the project in a couple of weeks. 

Depending on the size of your current residence, it could take more or less time. The goal is to spread it out and not overwhelm yourself by trying to rush through the project in a weekend.

Downsizing one room at a time has other benefits as well. By focusing on one area, you can give special attention to the objects in that room. There is also something rewarding about finishing a room. With each area you complete, you build momentum and confidence to continue throughout the house. 

Downsizing can seem like a monumental undertaking, but you can complete the task with less worry and stress by breaking it down into several manageable parts.

3. Decision Time

When it comes to downsizing, there are opportunities for you to evaluate what you want to keep, donate or discard. These decisions can become challenging for some, especially if you are dealing with possessions that you have owned for years.

As you begin the decision process, remember that downsizing is all about freedom – and you cannot gain freedom if you don’t let go. While you are going through each room, carefully assess your belongings. 

  • What do you expect to take with you into your senior living community? 
  • Do you have enough room for these possessions in your new space/apartment? 
  • Will the things you bring contribute to your overall happiness, or will they cause you stress by cluttering your new living space?

This is also a good time to talk with your community to determine if certain items are provided, making it easier for you to discard duplicate belongings.

As you downsize, you will also find a unique opportunity to give back to your community. By donating gently used items and clothing, you provide a lifeline to families in need. There are few feelings better than knowing that you are doing your part to help others. Although your belongings may not continue with you to your new residence, they will bring joy to a new family.

Discover the Freedom of Downsizing

At Astral at Franklin, we help our residents thrive in an environment of love, kindness and compassion. By downsizing before you move into our senior living community, you give yourself the freedom to make a fresh start in a supportive atmosphere. 

And by following these simple downsizing tips, you can ensure that your move is full of happiness and joy. For more helpful resources and to learn how Astral at Franklin serves families throughout Franklin, Indiana, visit our website today.

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