How to Help Your Parent Take the Steps Toward Senior Living

September 1, 2022 | Senior Living
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Over the years, our homes make us who we are. We spend every day making our personal spaces just how we like them, from the curtains and furniture down to the rugs. It’s where we spend time with the people we love most and the setting for some of our favorite memories and experiences. 

Understandably, some older adults can be reluctant about senior living communities. Of course, a move of any kind can be full of worries about the unknown, but a move to a senior living community also means leaving a longtime home. 

At Astral at Franklin, we like to think of our senior living community in Franklin, Indiana, as a place where life begins again. We want to give you all the necessary resources to ease the transition and help your parents manage any concerns or doubts they have about moving to a senior living community.

Listen and Understand

Communication is key, so sit down with your parent and ask them to explain their reasons for being afraid or reluctant to move. Then, make a detailed list of each issue and concern, and together, research solutions, so you can explore the best way to navigate this journey. 

Stay calm and don’t get frustrated; this is a significant change in your parent’s life, and they have every right to be apprehensive. However, it’s your job to support their feelings while assuring them that this move will benefit their life, health and purpose. 

Allow Your Parent to Control the Move

After having the important initial conversations about moving to a senior living community, it’s time to collaborate with your parent. You shouldn’t take over the planning process; instead, work together as a team to find the right community and care plan.

Ask your parent about their future goals: 

  • What passions and hobbies do they want to pursue in their new community? 
  • What kind of environment are they searching for? 
  • What are the most important aspects of their current lifestyle that they want to keep up and continue?

By allowing your parent to create their own plan for their unique lifestyle, they will receive an extra sense of assurance and comfort in knowing they are being supported in this decision and not forced or misunderstood. 

Help Your Parent Downsize

After finding the right community, it’s time to organize and downsize your parent’s belongings. Nobody likes the process of moving, but together, you and your parent can make it fun.

Make a pile of objects and furniture to keep and a separate pile of things to donate (a great way to give back to your community!). Invite other family members to come and help, which can make the process go by even quicker, but also show your parent that they are not alone in this situation: they have an entire loving support system to rely on.

Remember to take extra time to go through family heirlooms and photo albums. Reminisce with your parents over some of your favorite family memories to make this event extra special. Help them pick out the belongings that truly make them feel at home, and organize a plan to get these items into their new living space!

Plan Special Family Visits

Check your parent’s community event calendar to see what events are coming up that you can attend together. Senior living communities host parties, socials, and special activity groups to keep every resident active and connected with the rest of the community. Some of these events encourage family members to participate.

Keep in touch with community team members, and find out the best times to come and visit the community and your parent. 

Moving away from home can be emotional and challenging, but by communicating clearly and helping your parent every step of the way, you’ll both be happy about this decision.

At Astral at Franklin, our senior living community is a welcoming environment where residents live with purpose and enjoy their passions every day. Our goal is to allow those who stay with us to live with less stress and more freedom!
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