Why Purposeful Living is Important for Healthy Aging

August 1, 2022 | Senior Living
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Whether you’re finding joy through a hobby or simply socializing with friends, purposeful living helps us all feel fulfilled and engaged in our lives. 

After retirement, many older adults no longer have the same routines and responsibilities that once constructed their daily schedules. While middle age consists of building a career and raising a family, it can be challenging to discover a new focus as we transition into the next phase of our lives. 

As we age, finding a new purpose benefits us socially and emotionally. It can also positively impact our mental and physical health. Studies have linked purposeful living to a reduced risk of mortality and cardiovascular episodes, leading to happier and healthier lifestyles.

At Astral at Franklin, we understand the change that comes with moving into a senior living community, and we’re here to help. When it comes to finding meaning later in life, there are many ways to reconnect with a new purpose. 

Staying Creative 

Retirement is the perfect time to find new hobbies or try activities you enjoyed when you were younger! The options for a new creative pursuit are endless and can positively affect your emotional well-being. 

Senior living is also the perfect place to re-discover the things that inspired you when you were younger. For example, perhaps you always wanted to learn a musical instrument but were too busy with work, or maybe you have a talent for painting that you never pursued. 

Our amenities at Astral at Franklin offer an excellent environment to get your creativity flowing. You can get others involved as well! Start a weekly scrapbooking circle in one of our living areas to share memories with friends, or form a book club where you can dive into your favorite novels.

Develop a New Routine 

When our days lack structure, we often become restless and easily bored. Setting a routine can be as simple as going to bed and waking up at a particular hour. It can also mean introducing a new daily practice into your schedule, such as exercising every morning or trying out new dinner recipes. (Our wellness gym and walking paths at Astral at Franklin are perfect for exercise, while our community kitchen is a great place to try new recipes!) These changes might seem small at first, but the more you implement them into your life, the more engaged you’ll feel within yourself, your community, and your interests. 

Give Back to Your Community 

By contributing to those in need, not only will you feel a deep sense of purpose but a solid connection to the community around you. By lending a helping hand, you’ll share experiences and time with those who will truly appreciate your efforts. 

We highly encourage residents to immerse themselves in all that Franklin’s charming town offers. Thanks to our regularly scheduled transportation, it’s easy to get involved with a cause that’s dear to your heart, serve the community and meet some remarkable people! 

Socialize with Friends 

A strong circle of friends is essential when it comes to purposeful living. Having close connections can boost happiness, improve your self-confidence and help you cope with difficult moments. Studies have also proven that living longer correlates strongly with companionship and keeping in touch with friends and family. Senior living is a fantastic way to meet new friends who share your interests. By participating in one of our exercise classes or by joining the fun at one of our neighborhood block parties, you’ll be able to forge meaningful friendships and quickly expand your social circle. 

Finding purpose in life shouldn’t be limited to any specific age. Discovering ways to enrich your life is an exciting opportunity, and Astral at Franklin has created a community where life truly begins again. Whether you want to build meaningful connections, get involved with your community or explore your passions, we invite you to start living purposefully with us today! Through our amenities and resident options, we’re dedicated to helping you reach a higher level of meaning and wellness where you can live your life to the fullest. 
Give us a call at 463-223-9890 or visit our website to learn more about our independent living, assisted living and memory care community in Franklin, Indiana.

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