What to Do When Mom & Dad Have Different Care Needs

March 15, 2023 | Caregiving
Astral Franklin What to Do When Mom and Dad Have Different Care Needs

As we get older, couples often turn to each other for assistance and support, especially if one person needs extra help with daily tasks or starts to show signs of cognitive decline.

However, over time, one person’s needs might become too much for the other to handle alone. When this scenario occurs with your own parents, it might be time to evaluate your parent’s differing care needs. 

At Astral at Franklin, senior living in Franklin, Indiana, means living with purpose and enhancing wellness. Our team aims to provide information and resources to prepare individuals and families as they navigate senior care and help them choose the right care solutions to fit Mom and Dad’s different care needs.

Evaluate Each Parent’s Needs

The first step to take is to understand the varying needs of your mom and dad and which lifestyle option would be most beneficial. For example, if Mom is still active but could benefit from not having to worry about cooking and cleaning, independent living would be a good option for her. 

On the other hand, if Dad needs some support with the activities of daily living, like getting dressed, a transition into assisted living could be an ideal solution.

Once you understand what type of care each of your parents needs on an individual level, you can start to look into care options equipped to meet both of their needs.

Know Caregiving Can Be Rewarding & Challenging

When the realization that one of your parents needs extra care sets in, becoming their primary caregiver might seem like the obvious option. Caregiving for a loved one is incredibly rewarding and requires love, devotion and selflessness. After all your parents have done for you, caregiving might seem like a wonderful way to show your appreciation.

However, this doesn’t mean that becoming a parent’s primary caregiver comes without challenges. It requires skills and knowledge you might not currently have, as well as time and energy to ensure your parents receive the daily support and assistance they need. It can also create emotional and mental strains in relationships as you’re trying to prioritize being a caregiver, daughter/son, mother/father, spouse, etc.

In addition, over time, one or both of your parent’s care needs might become more complex. Whether due to memory impairment or a worsening health condition, considering alternative care options from the start will ensure Mom and Dad always have access to the care and support they need.

Consider All Available Care Options

Togetherness is likely a priority for your parents. Fortunately, senior living communities can offer your parents the chance to receive varying levels of care in the same setting. Common lifestyle options offered at senior living communities include:

Each level offers unique care and services tailored to individual preferences and needs. At Astral at Franklin, we offer various senior living services that give residents the opportunity to reach a higher level of wellbeing. Our senior living community in Franklin, Indiana, has a full continuum of care, so your parents won’t have to worry about finding a new home should their needs change in the future.

Start the Conversation with Your Parents

Starting the senior living conversation with your parents can seem daunting at first, so before sitting your parents down to talk, create a list of any concerns you’ve noticed. For example, this could include challenges with medication management, personal hygiene, meal preparation and mobility. 

Focus on the benefits of moving to a senior living community, and highlight the available amenities, activities and opportunities for personal growth. Discuss how a community will work with your parents to help with their care needs and concerns while allowing them to continue to live together and enjoy enhancing their lifestyle. 

Whether Mom needs assistance with daily tasks like medication management or Dad requires specialized care for their memory impairment, Astral at Franklin has the personalized services to support them.

Discover senior living in Franklin, Indiana, today – visit our website to schedule your tour.

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