5 Things to Look for in an Assisted Living Community in Franklin, IN

February 15, 2023 | Assisted Living
Things to Consider Assisted Living, five seniors in a common space in an assisted living community

According to the CDC, over 900,000 older adults in the United States reside in senior living communities. With the senior population expected to double by 2050, it’s no surprise that these individuals are redefining what senior living means.

Today’s assisted living communities allow retirees to continue to live independently while receiving help and support with daily tasks, medication management, transportation and more. 

Astral at Franklin is an assisted living community in Franklin, Indiana, worth exploring. Through enriching activities, restaurant-style dining options and community amenities, our mission is to enhance the quality of life of residents. If you or someone you love is considering moving to an assisted living community, here are five things to consider during your search.

1. Location

When choosing the location of an assisted living community, you will want to consider its relation to family and friends. For many, finding a community that’s convenient for loved ones to visit, and vice versa, is crucial to the search. For instance, consider how long it would take for you to drive or travel to see your loved ones before making a decision. 

It’s also important to think about your lifestyle. For example, if you or your family member enjoy getting out and exploring, be sure to pick an area that has plenty of things to do locally. 

Part of what makes our assisted living community in Franklin, Indiana, unique is being within driving distance of popular cities, including Greenwood and Indianapolis. Franklin is an exciting blend of tradition and innovation. Its downtown boasts traditional main street shops, coffeehouses and restaurants, and trails with plenty of opportunities for a quiet walk or scenic jog.

2. Type of Care Offered

The goal of assisted senior living is to find a supportive lifestyle. Before deciding on an assisted living community in Franklin, research the type of care and services offered. Whether you’re searching for help with medication management and other activities of daily living or want to enjoy maintenance-free living, be sure to ask plenty of questions regarding specific services.

3. Dining Options

Dealing with the hassles of meal planning and cooking can become tiring. In assisted living communities, residents can enjoy the benefits of on-site dining, which can range from restaurant-style, sit-down meals to grab-and-go snacks. Many senior living communities also employ registered dietitians to provide exceptional experiences that emphasize nutrition.

On-site dining options allow residents to enjoy delicious meals packed with nutrients and fresh ingredients without worrying about cooking for themselves.

4. Friendly Faces

Think back to your school days. You probably met plenty of new people and developed meaningful friendships with the new faces around you. Senior living communities are similar when meeting new neighbors and getting your bearings in a new community. 

Find a community that has a welcoming culture by asking staff members and residents questions about daily routines, events and activities. Spend a few hours touring a community to get an idea of what it would be like to live there, and ask residents what they love about their home.

5. Activities & Amenities  

Without hobbies and passions, life can quickly become boring. Living purposefully is about finding the things that matter most to you and bringing joy into your life. Amenities and activities offered in assisted living add that sense of purpose by giving residents a rich social schedule to enjoy every day. 

Amenities focus on social connection, intellectual stimulation and physical health, offering a wide range of activities that accommodate different interests, hobbies and passions. For instance, Astral at Franklin offers a wellness gym and outdoor paths, so residents can prioritize their physical wellbeing. Our assisted living community in Franklin also implements activities based on the personal interests of each resident.

Research the various amenities and activities offered in each community on your list, so you can get an idea of how your day-to-day schedule will look – and see if it’s a good fit for your lifestyle.

At Astral at Franklin, our assisted living community promotes an enriching, active lifestyle, so residents get the most out of every single day. Discover assisted living in Franklin, Indiana, today and schedule a tour of our community.

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