Is Your Loved One Safe at Home?

January 1, 2023 | Assisted Living
Older woman using home safety railing

Aging in place is very common among older adults. In fact, one survey found that 61% of respondents would prefer to age in their own homes with a caregiver.

Everyone wants to continue living independently, and nobody wants to leave their home, where they raised families and made so many precious memories. But when it comes to home safety, it’s crucial to ensure your loved ones can safely age in place by creating a comfortable, easy-to-navigate environment. 

Astral at Franklin understands the importance of independence, and we want to make sure your loved one stays as safe as possible while aging in place. Here are some simple and effective tips to promote home safety.

Preventing Falls

According to the National Institute on Aging, about 60% of falls occur in the home. Mobility is crucial for living independently as we age. Still, experiencing changes or declines in our ability to move around in our later years is common. 

A fall can occur for any reason: losing balance, slipping, climbing ladders or stairs, or while completing home maintenance tasks. A fall can lead to injury, requiring hospitalization or further impeding a person’s mobility. 

Here are some home safety tips to prevent falls: 

  • Install grab bars in the bathrooms, specifically near the toilet and bathtub
  • Make sure any staircases have secure railings
  • Remove tripping hazards or modify hazards: for instance, rugs should have non-slip pads
  • Make sure rooms are well-lit and replace light bulbs as necessary
  • Avoid backless shoes or slippers that can create a tripping hazard

Consider Technology

Today, a majority of people have some form of new technology in their homes. From camera-doorbell systems to electronic thermostats, smart TVs and refrigerators, there are new and innovative ways to make tasks easier and the home safer.

Home Security

Older adults can benefit from new technological developments designed to promote healthy aging and home safety. For example, home security systems are perfect for ensuring your loved one’s home is secure and protected. Many of these systems have the option to connect to a phone application. This way, you can check in through the app on your smartphone without having to drive to their house.

Personal Safety

Medical alert systems are also a significant advancement in senior safety. These systems are most notably in the form of small remotes that can be worn around the neck or wrist. In the case of an emergency, a simple push of a button can alert someone and issue immediate assistance to your loved one’s home.

Reminders & Support

Smart speakers, like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, might not bring the words “home safety” to mind, but they can be utilized to make things easier around the house. For instance, your loved one can program their smart speaker to remind them to take medications or to set appointment reminders. In case of a fall, they can also use voice activation to call for help, whether they need an emergency vehicle or a loved one for support.

Consider Assisted Living in Franklin

Sometimes, aging in place is no longer possible, and it’s time to consider additional support options, like moving to an assisted living community. It can be challenging for your loved one to think about moving out of their home and feeling as though they’ll lose their independence, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Assisted living communities can provide your loved one with compassionate care while allowing them the free time to focus on the passions and activities they love. In addition, these communities promote active senior living, which prioritizes safety and focuses on all areas of wellness, enrichment and living with purpose. 

At Astral at Franklin, our assisted living community in Franklin, Indiana, focuses on helping residents reach a higher level of wellness and independence. Our caring staff is here 24/7 to make sure that your loved one is safe, comfortable and healthy, and our premier amenities and enrichment programs are here to bring a sense of purpose and joy! Visit our website to discover our Franklin senior living community.

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