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April 15, 2022 | Assisted Living
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When it comes to assisted living, many people have misconceptions about how it impacts a person’s lifestyle. For example, it might seem that moving into an assisted living community will limit a person’s independence, but the opposite is true. More often than not, assisted living services enhance a residents’ independence and freedom.

Astral at Franklin is an exceptional senior living community in Franklin, Indiana. We understand that older adults entering senior living are looking for opportunities to fulfill their passions and dreams – they may simply need a little support to achieve their goals. Our team of care providers and support specialists are here to help and empower them to experience free and independent lives.

If you or a family member are considering moving into a senior living community, here are some of the top reasons why assisted living can offer more freedom and independence than you ever thought possible.

Support When It’s Needed

One of the major misconceptions of assisted living is that individuals have to rely on team members for support and help for every task. But, of course, that’s not the case! Every residents’ needs are different, and Astral at Franklin works with residents every day to ensure we provide the necessary support when it is needed. 

We believe that residents should have every opportunity for autonomy and free choice – our job is to help them when they need it most while allowing them to maintain their independence.

More Time to Spend on What You Love

Another important way that assisted living services provide greater freedom and independence is by giving individuals more time to do the things they love. Homeowners or those living alone typically have responsibilities and tasks that take their time and attention away from their hobbies, passions, and friends. For example, cleaning, preparing meals, completing maintenance or upkeep to the house and yard, and similar tasks are necessary but time-consuming.

For some, these daily and weekly tasks can become overwhelming, especially if they need additional help and support. Fortunately, at Astral at Franklin, these tasks are done for you. Our residents enjoy the luxury of living in private residences – with assisted living services that incorporate maintenance, transportation  and dining options.

Without these chores to complete each day, our residents are free to do what they really enjoy. Whether that means playing music, exercising, learning a new skill or socializing with friends, there is always something for residents to experience and enjoy at Astral at Franklin.

More Opportunities and Activities

Another way that our assisted living community fosters independence and freedom is by offering opportunities for residents to experience something new and fun. Our robust social event calendar changes to meet the needs and interests of our residents. There are dozens of options for art, music, health and wellness, or social engagement in any given month!

For individuals living alone, finding these types of opportunities within their local community can be challenging. Fortunately, Astral at Franklin’s dedicated team develops and prepares fun activities for every day of the week based on what they know residents will love to do.

Greater Engagement and Enrichment

Because our residents have more time to do what they love and more chances to find those meaningful activities, they are able to lead each day with joy and purpose. 

For older adults, one of the growing dangers is depression and social isolation. At Astral at Franklin, we believe that social isolation and loneliness can be reduced when individuals are given a chance to perform meaningful work daily. 

Each resident is different, so we offer a variety of activities and events to meet their needs and interests. As a result, our residents enjoy more active and socially engaged lives while they thrive at Astral at Franklin.

Our Astral at Franklin residents thrive in a warm, supportive environment that meets them where they are. We empower residents to live with freedom, independence and joy by providing the right amount of support.

To learn more about our assisted living community in Franklin, Indiana, please visit our website today!

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