Choosing Independent Senior Living: Why Move Sooner Rather Than Later

September 15, 2022 | Independent Living
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Deciding to move to an independent senior living community might come with some initial doubts or concerns. But, unfortunately, many individuals rely on negative connotations and false narratives that have been pushed in society, the media, and even just regular conversation to put off the decision to move to a senior living community. 

  • “Oh, I’ll figure that out when I’m older!”
  • “I’m not ready to move to a ‘nursing home!’”
  • “I don’t want to leave my house just yet.”

These quotes might sound familiar, especially if you’ve had these opinions in the past. However, independent senior living communities benefit retirees in ways they might not even realize.

As an independent senior living provider in Franklin, Indiana, Astral at Franklin understands that many retirees wait to make the move to senior living, but our beautiful community is a wonderful place for individuals to live more vibrant and fulfilling lives. 

Below, our team is sharing reasons why you should consider independent living sooner rather than later.

You’re Ready to Let Go of Home Maintenance

Our homes are important. It’s where we raise our families, enjoy special memories and go about our daily lives. But as we get older, it can become challenging to keep up with all the maintenance that houses need. If you’ve lived in your home for decades, you might have to constantly fix minor issues or replace things like appliances. Cleaning is also a task that can become mundane and take up so much of our free time, especially time we could be focusing on hobbies or time with friends and family.

When you move to an independent living community, these tasks no longer take up space on your schedule. Astral at Franklin offers beautiful, spacious apartments where you can trade in the hassle of home maintenance and cleaning for discovering and pursuing your passions. 

You’re Ready to Downsize

Many of us have accumulated so many belongings over the course of our lifetimes. These items might have special meaning to us or our families, but many of the things we have in our homes simply take up space and clutter our homes. Along with home maintenance, it can be stressful having to organize or search through these items.

Do you have an extra bedroom that only serves as storage or a garage full of boxes? Have you ever said, “Oh, I forgot I had that.”? When you decide to move to an independent senior living community, downsizing is a great way to simplify your life. 

Choose to keep the family heirlooms, furniture and other possessions that fill you with joy and complete your lifestyle. (And just think of how beautiful they’ll look in one of our gorgeous living areas!)

You Want a Full Social Calendar

It can be challenging to stay social and find events to keep us busy and full of purpose. Fortunately, independent senior living offers a perfect solution! These communities have monthly calendars packed full of events, activity groups and clubs, and socials where you can connect with fellow residents, make new friends and enjoy activities with peers and neighbors.

Astral at Franklin knows how important socialization is at any age. The best aspect of senior living in Franklin, Indiana, is the wonderful community and all of the amenities that we have to offer. Our art studio is a great place to get creative with friends, and our wellness gym provides an opportunity to try your hand at a yoga class full of friendly faces! On top of these great amenities and activities, our planned events will help you stay busy and social, so that you can make the most out of your relationships. 

While it might seem like a common occurrence to wait to make the move to independent living, there are so many wonderful benefits of choosing to take this step as soon as possible. Independent senior living takes all of the stressors and hassles out of everyday life, so you can continue to live with purpose and enjoy every aspect of your unique lifestyle.

Discover all the benefits of our independent senior living community in Franklin, Indiana, by visiting our website today!

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