Top Benefits of Moving into an Assisted Living Community

May 1, 2022 | Assisted Living
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Assisted living communities provide older adults with support in areas such as mobility, transportation and medication management. Through these supportive services, older adults live safer and more productive lives.

At Astral at Franklin, we deliver personalized assisted living care and support that meets our residents’ unique needs and preferences. With ongoing daily help, we empower residents to do more and enjoy their experiences within our community.

Below, we will look at some of the most fundamental ways assisted living can help seniors maintain their independence, enjoy more activities and enrichment programs, and engage with their friends and neighbors.

Support When It’s Needed

One of the most important benefits of assisted living is that it can be adapted to meet each person’s individual needs. At Astral at Franklin, we recognize that each resident is unique and special – and we provide a level of support that responds to their needs. 

Our Franklin, Indiana, assisted living community is committed to giving residents the help their need while maintaining dignity and allowing them to remain as independent as possible. Here are a few more ways assisted living can help older adults:

  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Physical and mental support
  • Companionship

An assisted living community helps older adults enjoy safer, more meaningful and, ultimately, more fulfilling lives by providing the right level of support.

Safety and Security

Many older adults choose to remain in their homes as they age. For some, however, this can pose serious health risks. By moving to an assisted living community, they can mitigate these risks and enjoy a safer experience in a supportive community.

Some of the risks associated with living alone include:

  • Fall risks
  • Mobility obstacles like stairs
  • Social isolation
  • Feelings of loneliness

In an assisted living community, individuals and families have peace of mind knowing they are supported and safe. Our private residences are purposefully-designed to promote safety and encourage independence. Should a resident fall or experience a health emergency, our team is readily available to respond to their needs.

Freedom and Independence

There is a misconception about assisted living; many people believe that it inhibits a person’s independence and autonomy. However, the opposite is true. Residents living in assisted living communities often experience greater freedom and independence than ever before.

Assisted living is not intended to make every decision and do everything for individuals. Instead, it is designed to provide the necessary support so that older adults can continue to live vibrant and meaningful lives. Our help enables them to do that.

Astral at Franklin empowers residents by supporting them in accomplishing daily tasks so they never have to worry about doing it on their own. As a result, our residents enjoy greater autonomy and freedom in daily living.

Social Engagement

A growing body of studies indicate the growing danger of social isolation. In fact, recent research has shown that older adults who experience social isolation and depression often experience a variety of associated health conditions. 

Living in an assisted living community means that your friends and neighbors are with you each day, and new activities and experiences are available right outside your door.

At Astral at Franklin, we provide a monthly calendar of events and activities designed to help our residents explore new hobbies, engage with friends, and pursue their passions.

Family Support

One of the final benefits of assisted living is that communities not only support older adults but their families as well. Family members have peace of mind knowing that their loved one is being supported by a dedicated team of support specialists.

At Astral at Franklin, it is our mission to provide a safe and loving environment for older adults, guests and families. Within our assisted living option, we serve individuals and their families with kindness, respect and compassion – giving older adults the support as well as the freedom they need to continue to thrive.

 Visit our website today to learn more about our assisted living community in Franklin, Indiana, and access helpful educational resources.

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